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Current 2014 Puppies/Litters:

How To Secure A Puppy? Fill out our adoption application & then: TEXT, CALL, OR EMAIL!

Adoption Application!!

Please click on the parents names underlined below-- for more information on that litter.

We are thrilled to offer beautiful Golden Retriever puppies for sale with International Champion bloodlines!

Adoption Application!

Lee Barrett (970)396-8417

Alaina Brenner (970)371-7016

Dually & Brake Born May 13th, 2014

Call or Text Lee Barrett for more info. . (970)396-8417

English Cream Golden

(4 Females Available) All Puppies $2,500.00 + shipping

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Call or Text for more info. . (970)371-7016

White Golden Retriever Puppies for sale


Dually & Switch born Sept. 19, 2014

All puppies are sold to wonderful families!

White Golden Retrievers



Zerk & Gadget . .due November 5, 2014

Christmas Puppies Coming!

White Golden Retriever White Golden Retriever


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Double B Goldens feed:  

Lifes Abundance
It is the most important decision for the health of your new puppy.

For detailed information or to order dogfood for your puppy please click on the link below:




Life's Abundance Ultra Premium Dog Food does not contain by-products, corn or wheat gluten,  no artificial preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.  This dog food is also formulated with protein from chicken and fish, powerful antioxidants (Omega3) and probiotics for healthy digestion. This is one of the top holistic dogfoods on the market today and is delivered fresh to your front door as needed, not sitting in storage somewhere loosing valuable nutrients. We have found that our Golden's eat less of this dog food to be satisfied and healthy.

Our dog pens and kennels


Our 20 years of raising Golden Retrievers has been an amazing experience. We have found that PRIEFERT makes the perfect kennel for our operation. It is important to have comfort, durability, safety, and at various times, isolation, to carry out our breeding program.

We at Double B think it is the best on the market today!

PRIEFERT Ranch Equipment

Or Phone Them: (903)572-1741 or (800)527-8616


We test our dogs health with the OFA hips and elbows, Heart, Thyroid, CERT/OFA eyes, and PennHIP to be the best breeding dogs possible. All breeding dogs are registered with American Kennel Club "AKC"

Blade LeeLee tayden

We test our dogs temperament with certified children so they can be around any age of person. 

Double B Golden Resources

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Suitable for Family Dog, Rescue Dog, Seeing Eye Dog, Therapy Dog, Hunting Dog / Hunt Dog / Companion Dog/Golden Retriever Search and Rescue

Our breeding dogs are American Kennel Club (AKC) Registered and have passed OFA Heart HipThyroid Eyes health clearances with Intelligent & Mellow Disposition