Charming Belle

January 11, 2015

Charlee was born and raised here on the ranch.  She has a large frame with a blocky head and big, beautiful eyes.  Charlee is an active dog that loves to be around people and other animals (cats, dogs, horses).  She is very affectionate and good with all people, even young children.





Pedigree image

All Certifications of Health and Registration Below


Penn Hips: # 926445 Tool’s hips are tighter than 70% of dogs tested.  (Good)  no distraction index – no degenerative joint disease – no cavitation – no other risks of (R) or (L) leg.

SAS Heart:  #GR-CA29931/13F/P-VPI – Normal

Thyroid: #GR-TH2998/13F-VPI – Normal


Sire: Double B's Dually

Eyes are friendly and intelligent in expression, medium large with dark, close-fitting rims, set well apart and reasonably deep in sockets.

Dam: Mclen's Graceful Belle