Graceful Belle

March 2, 2011

Gracie was born on the ranch and now is 5 years of age. She has a beautiful thick coat of fur, large stout body, flowing feathers, and wants to touch or be near me at all times.


white golden retrieverGracie-6


Pedigree image

All Certifications of Health and Registration Below


OFA HIPS: #GR-111124G39F-VPI ( GOOD )

OFA ELBOW:#GR-EL31421F39/VPI – Normal

SAS Heart:  #GR-CA22644/18F/P-VPI – Normal

Thyroid: #GR-TH2449/27F-VPI – Normal

OFA EYE : #GR-EYE17931/37F-VPI

Sire: (Double B's Pipe)

Dam: (Sage Linen Meclen of Double B