July 11, 2016

Wrench is the beautiful product of our Double B’s Strap (female) originating from the Netherlands, Russia, and Hungary.  Her top side is from a beautiful male originating from Canada, out of the well known Chrys-Haeffen kennel.  Wrench has the well known traditional Golden look of beauty.  She has a nice round deep eye set, with a friendly golden retriever smile, and the luscious coat of fur.  Wrench is now working for a lady as a service dog, for narcolepsy, and heart issues.  She takes time off for her to be a Mommy, and she is really a good Mommy to her puppies.

European English Cream Platinum White Golden Retriever Top Breeder

English Cream European Platinum White Golden Retriever Puppies for sale



European English Cream Platinum White Golden Retriever Top Breeder

European English Cream Platinum White Golden Retriever top breeder of golden retriever puppies



Pedigree image

All Certifications of Health and Registration Below


PennHIPS: # 24834    Good  .33  .43 no degenerization

SAS Heart:  #GR-ACA1472/13F/P-VPI     Normal

Thyroid: #GR-TH3391/13F-VPI – Normal

OFA EYE : #GR-EYE13221/13F-VPI

ICT:  Clear

PRA1:  Clear

PRA2:  Clear

Muscular Distrophy: Clear

Sire: Chrys-Haefen's Bacchus is originally from Canada. I was approached by Richard Matzke the owner of Bacchus who wanted to breed him out. We took on the challenge and I love the results of the look and temperament so much. Though the beautiful coat this dog has along with his broad head is something I couldn't pass up.

white European golden retriever, English retriever, Platinum golden retriever for sale in Colorado

Dam: Strap is a product of beautiful breeding sire's from Double B. Double B's Connor, Dually, Cutter, and Tamper are in her 4 year pedigree.

Strap golden retriever