Jagerbomb & Latte

Lee Barrett is our dog trainer if interested in puppy training for your new dog let us know in advance.   $500.00 per week of training 

BORN:  April 25, 2022   

These Puppies are beginning our POLISHED PUPPY PROGRAM

1 Male and 2 Females Available  PLEASE CALL:  (970)396-8417 For more info.








This is an amazing mating as the parents bring the best of the Serbian/European/Russian Champion Bloodlines!  These puppies have blockier heads!! These puppies are fun to go hiking with, swimming, hunting, boating or just lay around and snuggle with.


All of our puppies are AKC registered, vet health checked, family socialized, acclimatized, and washed once a week. Jagerbomb and Latte will produce a seventy to mid-eighty pound pup.  They will have a nice broad head and medium conformation body.  Double B puppies are friendly, intelligent, and have mellow personalities.  We identify all of our puppies with collars and a personalized litter name. You of course will name your own puppy at time of registration.


                 It is time for all the new puppy families to check out the kind of food and vitamin regimen that you will want to continue feeding your new puppy when he or she comes home.  To validate your puppy guarantee from Double B Goldens, we require that you continue the same food and vitamins that we feed all of our dogs.  If your pup inherits a debilitating life threatening congenital disease with proper documentation from two veterinary clinics “we will guarantee a choice puppy from another litter. At the bottom of this page you can learn all about the Life’s Abundance Food Quality and NuVet/NuJoint Vitamins we feed our dogs.  I have found we make less trips to the Vet’s office, cost less to feed daily, and my dogs have flourished with this incredible nourishment plan.  Raising a dog

Limited registration only – Full Registration only with agreement prior to purchase.

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Our Preferred Vendors!

NuVet productsNuVet Plus and NuJoint DS

We use and recommend NuVet Plus vitamins for our golden retrievers. After some time on these vitamins, we have noticed that our mamas bounce back after delivery of their puppies, faster than they did without the vitamins. Their coats, skin and weight return to normal more quickly as well.  It has benefited our puppies by helping to boost their immunity making them strong and healthy Golden Retriever Puppies!

The newest benefit we have seen from the NuVet Plus is in our five to six year old dogs; after taking the supplement for a while, they have become more lively as opposed to being sluggish and less active. 

NuVet Plus and NuJoint Plus Are Not Available in Stores

Call to Order: 800-474-7044  provide Order Code: 19103

Why You Should Consider Choosing NuVet Plus For Your Golden Retriever

    • NuVet Labs has been involved in helping keep pets healthy since 1997.


    • NuVet Plus and NuJoint Plus are made in an FDA approved lab with natural, human-grade ingredients.


    • NuVet Labs follows official Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) ensuring their dog vitamin products are of the highest quality


    • NuVet Plus offers valuable antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that can help boost your Golden Retriever’s immune system.  This is so important at the time a puppy goes to their new home, because their immune system is so compromised at that age.  


    • NuVet Plus and NuJoint Plus are cold processed and paddle-dried  to maintain the highest amount of quality nutrients for your dog.


  • NuVet Plus and NuJoint Plus are safe for dogs young and old, including pregnant female dogs

NuVet Plus reviews from users around the world tell the story of how their pets have been kept healthy and seen improvement and relief of symptoms after taking NuVet Plus.

NuVet Facebook pageNuVet Plus Is Beneficial To Pets Of All Ages:

NuVet And Puppies

    • NuVet Plus Helps Boost Immune Systems


    • Helps Grow and Maintain Heart, Lungs, Liver, and Kidneys in developing puppies


  • Maintains and Helps Develop Nerves and Muscles Tissue in puppies

Older Dogs Benefit Too! 

    • NuVet Plus provides balanced Vitamin and healthy Antioxidants


    • Improves Molecular Metabolism of Proteins, Fats, and Carbohydrates For better digestion and absorption to the body 


  • Helps create and maintain your dog’s immune system at all ages

Priefert Ranch EquipmentPriefert Ranch Equipment

Our 22 years of raising Golden Retrievers has been an amazing experience. We have found that PRIEFERT makes the perfect kennel for our operation. It is important to have comfort, durability, safety, and at various times isolation, to carry out our breeding program.

We at Double B think it is the best on the market today! Visit Priefert’s website or call them at (903) 572-1741 or (800) 527-8616.

Life's Abundance dog foodLife’s Abundance

It is the most important decision for the health of your new puppy.

For detailed information or to order dog food for your puppy please go here.


Sire: Zerk is a handsome, most gentle soul. He loves to play and meet the families that come to The Double B Ranch.

Double B's GreaseZerk "ZERK"

Dam: Champion Bloodlines from Hungary