Full Russian and Netherland BloodlinesID=451149
October 12, 2010
Weighs 87#

A Complete Face To Love
We purchased Dually from http://www.goldsmithretrievers.com/ of Canada. The English – European – Scandanavian – Russian Platinum White Goldens, or Cream Goldens, are breath taking in color and looks.  Dually is a product of a beautiful multi-champion Sire who’s heritage comes from Netherlands.  His dam is from the country of Russia then transplanted to Canada.

Bred to hunt, the Goldens are great for retrieving and can interact with humans with just a hand jesture, vocal comand, and sometimes they just read your mind.





Dually has personality, loyalty to his family, and knows no stranger.  These dogs have become the perfect pet for a family who needs all the love that one dog has to give.

Dually is a wonderful dog with a lot of personality. He is gentle with children, cats, other dogs, and people. He doesn’t really comprehend how big he is. Because a nice warm lap is his first choice to relax in, and share all the love he has.


Eyes are friendly and intelligent in expression, medium large with dark, close-fitting rims, set well apart and reasonably deep in sockets.
When the platinum golden is in the shade the gold markings in the point areas of their body appear darker. Such as: feathering on chest, legs, tail, and ears.



Pedigree image

Sire: Aldridge Of Little Promise


Exported pedigree from Netherlands

Dam: Grand Prix Gloria S Beregov Irtyasha


Exported pedigree from Russia