Texas Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale

Bringing home a puppy is an exciting time. Don’t be haunted by nightmares of new carpet stains, destroyed shoes, or chewed-up woodwork! With proper training, those cute Texas Golden Retriever puppies for sale can become your best friends – and house-trained, too. Whether you’re considering getting a puppy or you need help training your furry friend at home, check out our training tips below. 


Training Tips for Golden Retriever Puppies


  1. Teach commands early. It’s never too early to start teaching your puppy essential commands. Stick to the basics – sit, stay, and come – at first. Be sure to reward your puppy regularly with treats as they’re learning the commands. Don’t try too many commands at once. You’ll confuse and overwhelm your puppy. “Roll over” and “play dead” are fun tricks but can wait until you’ve mastered the basics.
  2. Crate training. You might not always hear this when looking at Texas Golden Retriever puppies for sale, but a crate does not need to be a punishment. Instead, it provides your puppy with a safe, comfortable space to go when he/she needs a break or is feeling overwhelmed. Put your puppy in the crate when you leave the house and go to bed to establish a routine. If you notice him or her howling or whining when left alone, try going into the room to get something but don’t acknowledge the puppy. This reminds him or her that the humans are still around. When fully grown, your dog is likely to use the crate or kennel as a retreat when he or she needs some down time.


More Training Tips for White Goldens

  1. Toy or not toy? You’ll want to be sure that your puppy doesn’t mistake your slippers or your daughter’s favorite stuffed animal as a toy of his or her own. As a training exercise, leave out your puppy’s toys in a room along with non-toys (your kid’s toys, shoes, etc.). Take an empty soda can and fill it with a few pennies. Then, let your puppy explore the toys and non-toys on the floor. Shake the penny can when he or she shows interest in a non-toy, and reward the puppy when choosing a dog toy.
  2. Leash training. Exercise is so important for dogs of all ages, but you’ll find that a well-exercised puppy is less likely to get into mischief. When walking your puppy, start using a leash right away. This will not only keep your dog safe but will also help him or her learn to walk on a leash without pulling. It’s okay to make frequent stops on the walk to practice commands. Helping your puppy walk well on a leash will make it even easier to take your fully-grown dog with you out in public later on.


There’s no need to fear that your house will be turned upside down when you adopt one of those cute Texas Golden Retriever puppies for sale. With simple but effective training, you and your puppy will live harmoniously in your home.